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Bathmate - The World's Best Hydro Penis Pump

The Bathmate is a patented water-powered penis-pumping device that DX Products launched in 2006. We have since introduced two series - the Hydromax pump, up to 35% stronger than the Hydro pump, and the HydroXtreme series, the most powerful water-based vacuum with complete accessories.

Initially, the Bathmate was developed to help a friend with erection problems. However, our water-based penis-pumping device provides many benefits for its users.

We were the first in the world to create a penis enlargement pump that works when filled with water. While most products in the market still use air, we took the breakthrough step of applying negative water pressure to a vacuum device.

We're proud to say that more than 1 million hydro pumps have been sold worldwide, with 97% of customers declaring they are satisfied with their benefits. Over time, many users have reported an average increase of 3 inches in length and 0.9 inches in girth (a 30% increase in penis length).

Ellis Lacy Bathmate Hydromax user

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We offer a variety of suction power settings to provide a customized user experience. Our three hydro pump series delivers superior pressure strength and product excellence, each with multiple size options. Users need to select the appropriate size to suit their needs.

Hydro Series

The world's first water powered vacuum pump with medium suction power. It's suitable for starting penis enlargement.
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Hydromax Series

The next stage hydro pump with up to 35% more power than the Hydro series. Replace your old pump with a water-based pump.
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Hydroxtreme Series

Ultimate penis enlargement pump with strongest suction power for faster gain. This series include full accessories kit.
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Clinical Studies

Bathmate clinical trial

Hydro pump made from carefully selected materials that are safe for your skin. The medical-grade material is phthalate-free, ensuring a comfortable and secure experience. Additionally, each pumping device series has undergone rigorous dermatological testing by a world-renowned specialist clinic. We take your safety seriously.

At Bathmate, we are proud to have been showcased as "Proven to be safe for use on the intimate genital area" by Princeton Consumer Research (PCR). We put our hydro pump ranges through rigorous clinical trials to ensure they are clinically safe. We always prioritize the safety of our customers, and PCR's statement reinforces that claim.

Enjoy the confidence and safety that comes with Bathmate hydro pumps.

Medical Device Class II

Bathmate products have already approved by the USA's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a medical External Penile Rigidity Device (Registration Code: 3010386378). According to the FDA, class II medical devices have the primary purpose of creating or maintaining sufficient penile rigidity required for sexual intercourse.

However, Bathmate goes beyond this. Although the procedure is similar to an air pump, Bathmate uses water to optimize the experience. Despite lacking research in this area, users have reported benefits beyond medical expectations.

Bathmate advantages

Our hydro pump is an essential addition to any daily bathing routine. Regular usage yields numerous benefits, including:

Penis enlargement up to 3 inches in length

Most users experience increased penis sizes up to 3 inches after regularly using a water-based penis pump for 60 days.

Maintaining penile erection

For men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), the penis pump helps you maintain erections by drawing more blood flows.

Comfortable to use

Bathmate built for comfort. The soft comfort pad prevents friction at the base of your penis.

Increases penis girth up to 30%

As the length increases, the penis also increases in thickness, up to 30% of the length.

Reduced penile curvature

Some men with Peyronies Disease report that the penile curvature decreases, even if only slightly after a long time of usage.

Your penis always in top condition

Like any muscle-building activity, the water penis pump keeps the penis in tip-top shape.

Harder Erections Than Before

Thanks to the Bathmate pump training method, many users can achieve more challenging erections.

More intense orgasms

Hydro pump not only causes an erection during use but can promote natural erections and more intense orgasms.

Controlling pressure level

Unlike air pump, a gaiter on the Bathmate water penis pump allows you complete pressure control.

*Results may vary, but Bathmate provides tangible benefits for its users. These are some reasons why you should invest in an effective water penis pump.

Difference between Bathmate and air-based pump

Air-based pumps are notorious for negatively impacting penile tissue. Fortunately, the Bathmate uses a water-based mechanism that drastically differs from air pumps. Give your manhood the love and care it deserves with the highly efficient Bathmate water penis pump.
Bathmate hydropump vs other penis pump

Say Goodbye to Inconsistent Air Pressure with Water-Based Pumps

Are you tired of the unpredictable air pressure from traditional pumps causing bruising, bending, or bulging your penis? Look no further than hydro pumps like Bathmate.

Water-based pumps provide consistent pressure for even expansion, unlike air-based pumps. The Bathmate mechanism allows for slow water expulsion, creating a natural vacuum around the penis for maximum safety and comfort.

Don't take risks with air pumps. Try a water-based hydro pump today and experience the difference.

Which hydropump should I choose?

Using an oversized penis pump results in much extra space inside the tube, which diminishes performance. Conversely, a pump that's too small will provide little room for growth. That's why choosing a proper size that works for you is crucial.

Different size for each other users

Each Bathmate model is uniquely sized, making a hydro pump accessible to anyone. For instance, the Hydromax7 accommodates those with penile lengths shorter than 7 inches. This numbering system spans the Hydromax series, ensuring everyone can find their perfect fit.


Not all Bathmate products accommodate all sizes. Measuring one's penis length and girth is imperative to ensure optimal gains and an enhanced pleasure experience.

Before measuring, ensure the penis is fully erect, and any hair or excess skin around the measuring area is removed. Press towards the penile base to obtain accurate measurements.

Measuring penis when erect in length

Step 1 - Measuring erection length

To correctly determine your penis length, you'll need to get a ruler and fabric tape measure. First, you measure the penis length from base to tip. Keep your penis erect as you measure it. If you have a foreskin, be sure to retract it.

Measuring penis erection circumference.

Step 2 - Measuring Circumference

Next, measure the circumference by wrapping a measuring tape around the thickest part of your penis.

If you don't have a tape measure, tie a piece of string around it and notice where the ends meet, then place it flat on a ruler to find out.

Remember your measurements; if necessary, record them on paper or wherever you usually store them.

Bathmate pumps size range

Get ready to pump - you already know your size! To simplify your Bathmate pump selection, we group each model into several size ranges. Choose the coverage that corresponds to your size.

3 simple steps usage

At Bathmate, we stand by our slogan - using our penis pump is as effortless as "Just Add Water!" The process for using our water-based pump is typically straightforward. Our Hydro, Hydromax, and Hydroxtreme series owners can follow these three simple steps.
3 Steps Bathmate Hydropump Usage Generally

Warm or cold water

The most basic in using a hydro pump is to add clean water into the pump tube. Which is better for a water-based penis pump, warm or cold water?

Based on the Bathmate mechanism, either warm or cold water can make it work properly. But if you can get warm water, then you should use it.

Warm water can helps you to relax the muscles and open the pores skin of your penis. In addition, warm water also makes you more comfortable.

Tight seal between pump and your body

After you fill it with warm or cold water:

  1. Ensure the tube is full.
  2. Place your penis inside while adjusting the comfort pad position, so it's in the correct position.
  3. When it feels right, apply pressure back, so the comfort pad makes a tight seal with your skin.

Controlling Pressure

Once your penis is firmly sealed to the penis pump, you should start pumping to increase the vacuum pressure. When you begin, water will come out through the valve.

Simultaneously you will feel a gentle pressure around your penis. The water that comes out through the valve determines vacuum pressure strength.

This mechanism allows you to control the vacuum pressure fully. So do it slowly until you become an expert user and can use our Hydroxtreme for the highest level.

3 sessions in 15 minutes (per 5 minutes)

Once you have allowed your pump to stick to your body and no water is escaping through the valve, you need to pay attention to the timer.

According to the manual book, you should be able to maintain one position comfortably for about 5 minutes before repeating the process three times to reach 15 minutes in three sessions.

In detail, learn how to use the Bathmate Hydro, Hydromax, and Hydroxtreme.

Prioritizing Safety and Comfort

At Bathmate, non-invasive and customer safety are our top priorities. Right from design, our experts focus on maximum protection. Our water-based penis pump products undergo rigorous checks to ensure that they never bring about any undue pressure.

We're entirely confident about the safety and comfort of our offerings. However, as with any device, penile injury is always possible, most commonly resulting from excessive pumping. It's crucial to know that pumping multiple times a day or for hours doesn't hasten results but damages your tissue, causing an unpleasant experience.

We strongly recommend that users use our hydro pump products according to the user guide and with discretion.

Experts suggest that penis pumps are the safest and most effective method of penis enlargement. Bathmate's water-based design enables users to apply maximum safe pressure, surrounded by an aqueous cushion that evenly targets the entire penile tissue, including blood vessels and corpus cavernosum. All while being completely pain-free!

Hydropump Key Features

Hydromax formerly hydropump parts

Quick release mechanism

Bathmate pumps have a quick-release mechanism that instantly alleviates any pressure during usage. For beginners, it's common to feel discomfort near the base of the penis due to the vacuum's pulling force. This discomfort altogether removes by using the quick-release button.

While our water-based penis pump is designed to maintain safe pressures, we recommend beginners start with our Hydro series, which will make for a more comfortable experience.

Additionally, our Hydroxtreme series offers the added feature of a lockable quick-release mechanism. It's as easy as turning the pump tip clockwise to lock and counterclockwise to unlock. Alternatively, you can use the handball pump to replace the quick-release part by pressing the black pip to release unwanted pressure, even if the mechanism is disabled.

Bellows pump

The device allows you to pump slowly and regulate the vacuum with ease. The bellows engage upon pushing toward your body - the more profound the push, the more effective the suction.

While the Hydromax and Hydroxtreme share the same pump shape, the Hydro series is tailored to beginners and those with limitations in strength. The vacuum pressure is adjusted accordingly, allowing users to set a comfortable pace irrespective of their level.

Comfort pad

Silicone rubber comfort pads don't just protect you from friction – they're made to medical standards, so you can be sure they're gentle on your skin. With our Hydromax and Hydroxtreme series, you can use removable comfort pads to fill water into the tube for an even more customizable experience. The pads are contoured with a chamfer at the bottom that ensures a tight seal, keeping pressure locked so you can pump confidently.

Bathmate Accessories

To enhance your efficiency and comfort while pumping and make the experience more enjoyable, consider using accessories designed for cleanliness and compatibility with all models, particularly those in the Hydro, Hydromax, and Hydroxtreme series. Here are five such accessories that you may find helpful.
Bathmate Essential Accessories
Max Out Jelq Serum
Bathmate Max Out jelq serum
Before you start your penis pumping routine, use Max Out jelq serum for your jelqing workout. You also need to get an erection before inserting your penis, don't forget to wash beforehand. Max Out jelq serum is safe because its formulation has been clinically (dermatologically) tested and made from natural ingredients.
Shower Strap
New Design of Bathmate Shower Strap
Add extra comfort to your workout with the Shower Strap, and you can concentrate on showering while doing your penis pumping routine, which is fully compatible with all models. Plus, you can monitor your growth with the measuring guide on the strap.
Cleaning Kit
Bathmate Cleaning Kit
It would be best to clean your hydro pump after use to keep it hygienic. Cleanliness is essential because you are using it on sensitive body parts. For that, you need Cleaning Kit. This kit includes a custom-designed sponge, custom-branded towels, a carry case, and a sex toy cleaner.
Hydro Vibe
Latest Bathmate Shower Strap Design
Discover new health benefits with the Hydro Vibe, made entirely of body-friendly silicone, while the detachable IPX7 waterproof vibrator lets you unlock new sides of your penis pumping. Hydro Vibe gives you access to 100 different full vibration patterns, which suit all models.
Power Rings
Bathmate Power Rings
Power Rings are the best-selling cock rings. Made from the flexible Elastomex blend, they have three unique designs that add a new level to your sex life. Types of Bathmate Power Ring include Gladiator, Barbarian, and Spartan.