About Bathmate Hydro - What You Need to Know

The Bathmate Hydro is an evolution of the vacuum pump launched more than ten years ago as a pioneer in water-based penis pumping devices. Millions of pumps are sold worldwide, and almost all users are satisfied. Its existence completely dominates the penis pump market.

Key Features:

Increase Penis Length And Girth

Bigger size after your first penis pumping session, while long-term results need regular use.

Improve Erection Quality

The pumping power can expand your tissues, causing harder and longer-lasting erections.

Penis Always in Prime Condition

Penis training using Bathmate Hydro helps your penis always be in top condition and clean.

Easy And Convenient to Use

The water-based design is doubly efficient, easy, and convenient to use in the bath or shower.

Unique Water-Based Design

Bathmate Hydro's revolutionary penis pump is designed to utilize water as a medium to create suction power that can expand the penis length and girth without discomfort, which gives you real lasting size gains.

Since water has a higher density than air, it can form an even cushion around the pump cylinder to create a naturally even vacuum. The mechanism consisting of a valve, chamber, and bellows pump at the bottom makes safe and controllable pumping power.

Design of Bathmate Hydro 7

Latch Valve

The Bathmate Hydro valve consists of a black pip, valve cap, and quick release mechanism. Overall serves to lock and release water pressure.


A sturdy plastic tube made of polycarbonate can withstand warm water inside. Designed for durability and shatter resistance for long-term use.


Made from a flexible rubber that can shrink when pressed and, when released, will return to its original shape. In addition, there is a chamfer at the bottom which functions to make a seal and prevent air while maintaining water pressure.

Bellows also functions to control the pumping power. The harder you press, the greater the suction power. At the same time, the water will come out through the latch valve.

Built from medical grade materials

To be safe for use in the pubic area, we built Bathmate from skin safe medical grade materials. However, clinical testing is necessary to ensure that our hydro-tech vacuum pumps are safe for all users. We are serious about building quality to create the high-expected products that dominate the male enhancement industry, in our real life it actually happens. We do this to assure you that our water penis pumps is safe and comfortable to use.

Dermatologically Tested

Bathmate Hydro manufactured from specially selected skin-safe, phthalate free and medical grade materials. Each range has undergone a custom designed dermatological testing study undertaken by a world renowned specialist clinic. PCR (Princeton Consumer Research) have conclusively passed our Hydro pump as:

“Clinically proven to be safe for use on the intimate genital area”.

You can be assured that Bathmate Hydro is safe to use.

FDA Inspected

Considered FDA compliant, our hydro-tech vacuum pumps pass stringent inspections and are classified as medical device class II for external penile rigidity. Now our penis pumping device is FDA approved under registration number 3010386378.

Medical quality materials meet our expectations of passing inspections, while proving that our water pumps are risk-free overall.

Nothing else can stop you from trying and actually turning to Hydro penis pump technology for on-demand size gains.

Bathmate hydro series colors and sizes option

Bathmate Hydro 7, Blue, Red, Clear

Hydro Series is effective penis enlargers for real lasting penis sizes, helping men with erectile dysfunction to produce and maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse.

We currently offer one pump size for this series, the relatively medium power Hydro 7 which can accommodate erect penises measuring between 5 - 7 inches in length and up to 6.5 inches in circumference.

Apart from that, we offers three amazing color options. Everything is transparent to make it easier for you to monitor size growth while pumping your penis.

We've also added a built-in measuring gauge to the pump cylinder so you don't have to remove the pump or take out a ruler to measure. This way you can stay focused on your penis pumping activity for real size gains.

Alternative models for Bathmate Hydro

The Hydro Series is designed for beginners with relatively moderate pumping power and can be used by anyone up to 7 inches in length. In fact, not all beginners have the same penis size, that's why we created the Hydromax series in various tube sizes that support other users.

Even though Bathmate Hydromax series is made for up to 35% more power than Hydro pump, you are still allowed to take it. Just control the pressure with the bellows pump when you start penis pumping and it's best if you know how Bathmate works before doing it.

From Bathmate Hydro To The Next Stage

Bathmate Hydromax can accommodate penis lengths between 3 - 9 inches and girth up to 7.6 inches. You just need to choose the right pump size for you, if you're not sure what your size is, knowing the Bathmate Size Ranges will help you decide.

Hydromax Series

Hydromax is Bathmate's second innovative creation with stronger suction hydro-vacuum technology designed for anyone who wants more power from their hydro pump for real size advantages.
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To The Most Powerful Models

The Bathmate Hydroxtreme range is similar to Hydromax, supporting 3-9 inches as well. But if you are naturally bigger and your penis erection measures over 9 inches, we offer Hydroxtreme 11, the largest hydro-tech penis pump ever.


Combining all Bathmate pumps qualities brings Hydroxtreme with a detachable handball pump design. In addition, kit accessories are added for free to maximize pump performance while adding convenience and comfort.
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Fastest Size Guide

How to quickly and precisely determine the pump size that suits you with an easy-to-follow guide for calculating penis length and girth when erect.
Measuring penis when erect in length

First Step - Measuring Erection Length

Very easy to do, you just need to get an erection and measure it from the stretched tip to the base. You'll also need to press into pubic bone to remove fat and hair so you can measure accurately.

Measuring penis erection circumference.

Step Two - Measuring Erection Girth

You will need a measuring tape or piece of string to measure the circumference of the penis. Wrap the gauge around the penis and make sure the ends meet. If you're using a string, mark it and stretch it on a ruler.

Are you sure about your size? If yes, please select the size range below.