Working Mechanism - How does Bathmate works?

Bathmate relies on water pressure to create suction via a cylinder valve. But what's the science behind it, and how does it function? To answer these queries, you must first comprehend the components of the water-based pump mechanism for a penis.
Hydromax formerly hydropump parts

Four Parts Bathmate Hydro Pump

The four essential parts of the Bathmate penis pump include: Latch Valve, Polycarbonate Tube, Bellows Pump and Comfort Pad.

Latch Valve

The basic function of the valve is to drain the water out of the polycarbonate tube. While the Black Pip can be locked and unlocked. Leave it locked when you fill the tube with water and unlock it when you start pumping.

In addition there is a Quick Release Valve useful when you want to remove the pump. You can do it quickly, just press to relieve pressure instantly.

Polycarbonate Tube

The Pump Tube is made from medical-grade polycarbonate which is safe (Phthalates free) and able to withstand water pressure. You need to fill the Polycarbonate Tube with water before placing your penis, in the context of a penis pump, water replaces air.

Unlike usual, this time you have to pump water instead of air in the tube to create suction.

Bellows Pump

It's like a spring but Bellows Pump is made from silicon rubber material. When you press it to become flatter, it will try to return to its original shape when you release it.

You need to pull the penis pump towards the pubic bone to start the penile pumping process.

Comfort Insert Pad

This pad is made of medical quality PVC material which is skin safe and removable. At the bottom of the Comfort Pad there is a silicone rubber. In the context of a water-based penis pump this is called a Chamfer, a key piece that can create a tight seal and prevent air from entering.

Exactly how does hydro penis pump work?

Basically knowing how Bathmate works is not much different from how to use it. It's just a matter of point of view, technically or scientifically. However, we need to know it in detail. It's not just understanding that Bathmate uses water but how the process occurs.

Water and Polycarbonate Tube

Bathmates need warm water to work optimally and the tube must be fully filled so that no air is left behind. When filling water, make sure the latch valve is locked so that the Polycarbonate Tube can hold water.

Hydro Pump and Pubic Bone

How a hydro pump creates suction in the context of a penis pump. When the pump is pressed against the pubic bone, water naturally exits through the valve due to the push. This condition causes the Bellow Pump to shorten and remember it's like a spring which will return to its original shape if there is no push.

Suction is created as the Bellow Pump is pulled back and the amount of water is reduced in the Polycarbonate Tube. The amount of water that comes out of the tube and how much the pump is pushed to pubic bone determines the suction power.

Suction (Vacuum) and Penis Size

WebMD explains that the penis has a pair of blood vessels called the Corpora Cavernosa, shaped like a sponge that runs the length of the penis. When the penis is erect both fill with blood.

The suction created by the hydro pump helps draw more blood flow to the penis. This condition makes the penile tissue expand. In the end the size of the penis looks bigger because it is fully loaded.

At first the enlargement is temporary, but with regular use the penis tissue is trained to receive more blood flow.

This is a short answer to how Bathmate works, although this succinct represents all of it, long explanations may be difficult to understand in general.

Bathmate Penis Pump Lineup

The Bathmate series represents pressure strength and product excellence, we offer 3 suction power options for every user experience. In addition, in order to suit every user with different penis sizes, each series consists of different sizes.

Hydro Series

The world's first water powered vacuum pump with medium suction power. It's suitable for starting penis enlargement.
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Hydromax Series

The next stage hydro pump with up to 35% more power than Bathmate Hydro. Replace your old pump with a water-based pump.
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Hydroxtreme Series

Ultimate penis enlargement pump with strongest suction power for faster gain. This series include full accessories kit.
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Each user needs to adjust the size based on their erection. Not sure which one to choose? The size range will help you.