Bathmate Hydromax: The Next Stage Hydro Pump Evolution

So here's the thing: we continuously innovated. That's why we designed the Bathmate Hydromax on demand. We made some upgrades in several parts to maximize the use of water pressure to create a vacuum. It's the answer for a powerful penis pump that's easy and convenient.

Hydromax Key Features:

Increases penis length and girth

After the first 15-minute pumping session, a temporary increase in penis length and girth. Regular use over 30-60 days is necessary for long-term and actual size gains.

More efficient than the Hydro series

Hydromax's all-new valve, bellows, and comfort pad increase water pressure by up to 35% more than the previous series. It allows you to achieve significant, hard erections quickly.

Prevents Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation

This device can help increase the penis's ability to accommodate more blood flow and reduce penile sensitivity, preventing premature ejaculation and ED.

Prevents & reduces the effects of Peyronie's Disease

Penis pumping can stretch the tissue, which helps prevent and reduce penile curvature if it is less than 30 degrees.

What's new in the Bathmate Hydromax pump?

In developing the Hydromax series, we listened intently to user demands and customer feedback. Our users wanted a more powerful water-based penis pump, which meant we had to keep pushing and innovating.

Hydro series users can become accustomed to moderate pressure over time, so we scrutinized every detail of the Hydromax design. After much improvement and refinement, we are confident that the three new essential parts of the Hydromax pump will deliver users the power they crave.

Hydromax formerly hydropump parts

Super-flow latch valve

The latch valve on the new Hydromax series features a black pip that enables effortless locking in both right and left directions. When opening, position the black pip in the middle to efficiently fill water into the tube.

This state-of-the-art valve technology called a super-flow latch valve, maintains optimal water pressure longer—no more need for repeated pumping to achieve a tight seal and maximize your gains.

Not only does the Hydromax series' valve support a quick-release mechanism for when you finish, but it also enhances the design of the previous series.

Upgrade your pumping game with the Hydromax series.

Long insert comfort pad

We've enhanced the comfort pad by making it longer to shield your manhood from tucking into the bellows. To prevent air from blending with water in your bath, we've added a chamfer at the bottom that reliably seals warm water while maintaining water pressure.


The new bellows pump is tighter and softer than the Hydro series. Now pumping your manhood will be easier and more comfortable. Also, the new Bellows made from medical-grade rubber. Make sure it's skin-safe quality material.

Hydromax Pump Size Options

The Hydromax comes in three colors and five sizes to fit all preferences. We strongly recommend measuring your penis length and girth in a fully erect state to achieve optimal performance. Choosing a pump that is too large will create unnecessary space that may impact functionality, while selecting a pump that is too small won't allow growth. Accurate measurements help ensure a perfect fit, enabling you to enjoy optimal benefits.

Measuring penis when erect in length

When your penis is firm, measure it using a ruler while pressing against your pubic bone to remove hair and fat. Start from the base to your penis tip; you must take notes or remember them.

Knowing your length, you can immediately choose the size unless your penis girth is more than 6.5 inches.

Measuring penis erection circumference.

To correctly measure your penis, you'll need a fabric measuring tape. A piece of string can do the trick if you don't have one. Wrap it around your genitals to ensure the ends meet.

A measuring tape offers instant results, while a string requires additional steps. Mark where both ends meet, then gently stretch the line on a ruler to obtain an accurate measurement.

Please select the pump size that fits your penis or check other pump models in each size range.

Bathmate Hydromax Size Chart

Pump Models
Product Name



Color Options

Hydromax3 Icon


Between 1 - 3"
(3 - 8cm)


Red, Blue, ClearShop Now!
Hydromax5 Icon


Between 3 - 5"
(8 - 13cm)


Red, Blue, ClearShop Now!
Hydromax7 Icon


Between 5 - 7"
(13 - 18cm)


Red, Blue, ClearShop Now!
Hydromax7 Wide Boy Icon

Wide Boy

Between 5 - 7"
(13 - 18cm)


Red, Blue, ClearShop Now!
Hydromax9 Icon


Between 7 - 9"
(18 - 23cm)


Red, Blue, ClearShop Now!

Built from medical grade materials

To ensure that our hydro-tech vacuum pumps are safe for all male users, we built the Hydromax pump using only skin-safe medical-grade materials. Clinical testing is necessary to validate our commitment to quality and the trust of our customers within the male enhancement industry.

Rest assured that our water penis pumps are safe and comfortable to use, and we are committed to providing high-quality and effective products that meet our customers' expectations.

Dermatologically Tested

Themate Hydromax is constructed of high-grade, skin-safe, and phthalate-free materials. Each product line has undergone a specialized dermatological testing study conducted by a renowned clinic with the expertise necessary to ensure medical-grade quality. PCR (Princeton Consumer Research) has definitively approved our Hydromax pump as:

“Clinically proven to be safe for use on the intimate genital area”.

You can be assured that Bathmate Hydromax is safe to use.

FDA Inspected

Our hydro-tech vacuum pumps are FDA-compliant and pass stringent inspections, qualifying as class II medical devices for external penile rigidity. Registration number 3010386378 confirms our penis-pumping device is now FDA-approved.

Our high-grade materials ensure inspections are routine, proving our water pumps are risk-free. So why wait? Try Hydromax penis pump technology today for on-demand size gains without interference.

Bathmate Hydromax vs Traditional Air Pump

Bathmate hydropump vs other penis pump
CriteriaHydromax PumpTraditional Pump
Vacuum PressureConsistentInconsistent
Build QualityMedical gradeCheap material
Size Options5 OptionsUsually one size
FDA-approvedYes, all rangeSome yes
Dermatologically TestedYes, all rangeMost are not

Our Hydromax pump, which uses water instead of air, offers twice the efficiency of traditional air pumps. Made from medical-grade materials, it provides a healthy and safe option for penile rigidity. Our pump outperforms conventional pumps, as demonstrated by our pump comparison table.

Try Hydromax pump risk-free for 60 days!

We understand it takes work to trust what you read online, even when backed by research reports. But, in reality, what matters is experiencing the results of a product for yourself. We encourage customers to confidently try the Bathmate pump, thanks to our 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Based on customer feedback, most users feel an improvement in less than 30 days. That gives you ample time to prove that the Hydromax pump works for you. And if it's not, there's no need to worry; return the pump to us for a full refund, no questions asked.

Please note that this return policy applies to all penis pumps purchased from official Hydromax pumps or Bathmate direct. If you have already claimed this policy and repurchased it, it will no longer apply. We do this to prevent abuse of the return policy and continue providing the best possible support and service.

Bathmate 60 days money-back guarantee